July 23, 2009

Confession #5: Ugliness loves company

What is Acura thinking these days?

The downhill march in terms of styling was already starting to happen before they took the handsome TL from 2004-08, and made it into the bucktoothed blob currently for sale today. And being such wise marketers, they decided to fit the top-spec Type-S version with basically the same drivetrain as the more expensive flagship RL sedan, thus rendering it redundant. Good job, guys.

But nothing seems as stupid as their newest monstrosity--the ZDX. After listening to an Autoblog podcast where the three men were discussing Acura's newest thing, I have discovered people who aren't completely disgusted by this car. I don't see why they need to defend it.

The ZDX is hideous from every angle. I've never seen so many cutlines on a car's exterior, nor as many sharp points. The whole point of a sloping roofline is to make a car look more rakish, but I don't see what purpose it serves the ZDX, other than to make it more impractical. It may have five seats and the same engine from the TL Type-S mated to a new six-speed automatic, but let's cut to the chase: it's just a tall hatchback. Who is going to buy this? And more importantly, what made Acura build it?

Oh yeah, it was BMW. Remember the X6? Someone at Acura apparently thought it was a good idea.

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